Can the server be online for 24/7

  • Hi, I was thinking if its possible to make the server 24/7 with 30 players (max), we are doing an smp and some can open the server themselves but others cant make their own account, (I don't know what their reason is) and if not I'll make an account for them

  • Aternos resources are limited. That means that Aternos cannot have all of the servers on at the same time. However, you can help Aternos by turning off your ad blocker, because Aternos makes money through showing advertisements. The more money they get, the more resources they can afford. I am sure Aternos will have enough resources one day to keep all of the servers online 24/7 though.

  • I don't think that will gonna happen. It is unfair to have that feature for a free hosting server.

  • Julian

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