Cant connect to the server.

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  • Okay so this matter is kinda serious for me. I had a server called

    Me and my friends played on that server tommorow just fine but today the server is online but neither I nor my friends cant connect to the server. Other servers work absolutely fine but the aternos one says Cant Connect to the Server. The same is for my friends they can join Hypixel and other servers just fine. It is only my server that they cant connect to. I have checked the IP multiple times but it just doesnt works. Note:- My server was online all the time

    Then I made another aternos server and it also had the same problem. Help please!!!!!

  • Yes I use TLauncher but then I used my normal Minecraft and it still didnt worked. Also it says Connection timed out not refused thats a mistake I made.

  • Toothy

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