Channels [forge:split] rejected their client side version number

  • Please help, I've been searching for solutions based on the errors I got, looking into the console of my server, but Im not finding the cause of the errors.

    Yesterday my server was working just fine, but today when I tried connecting to it, it just threw me the messages "Error connecting with the server: Disconnected" or "Internal Exception: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host."

    At first I thought it may be an error only I got, so I asked my friends to try connecting, to see if it was only me, but they couldn't connect to the server either.

    So as the messages didn't really tell me much, I looked into the console logs, getting this:


    Thing I didn't really understood why happened since I dont really have mods installed at all:

    Im now trying to see if it could be because of Forge updates (thing that didn't seem to throw any error, until now at least?) or if it has to do with the TLauncher SkinCape mod, but I have no idea so any comment would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance lol

  • Hola, as far as I know, the error you got about the forge thing is caused by the version, but in your case could be also caused by TLauncher. I would recommend using the Official Launcher of Minecraft. (you should also check the version of Forge)

  • How did you change the version of Forge?

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