Server crashed by one tripwire?

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  • So I'm trying to set up an event for me and my friends on a modded 1.15.2 world and wanted to renovate the spawn area. Coincidentally, there happened to be a jungle temple nearby and I thought it was be the perfect centerpiece. I went to start renovating and break a single piece of string from the tripwire. Immediately the server kicked me and crashed.

    After skimming the log and seeing "missing entity active", I thought "Oh, the string must've activated and have been broken at the same time. After restarting it thinking "Okay, don't break the string," I walked through the tripwire and permanently killed the server. Does anybody have any idea how this happened?

    Log included here: And mod list here:

    Please let me know if this is salvageable, I already put a lot of work into building on here.

  • Roman

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