Server keeps crashing?

  • Everything was working perfectly fine up until just a few hours ago. I'm playing the Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons modpack with my gf. I started the server while the pack was still 1.43. I then changed over to 1.44 since I was getting errors joining. We played for a couple of days with no issues until now...

    Here's the log: -I can't make any sense of it. Can someone please let me know what the issue is and if there's a potential fix? I'm gonna be really hurt if I have to start all over.

    Note: I started the server a few hours after the first couple of crashes and it ran fine (I had minecraft closed this time). It shut down because no one was on it. I started MC and rebooted the server. It crashed again while MC was open. I tried one more time to start it and it again failed to start.

  • Roman

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