Connection Lost - Failed to login: Bad login error

  • Hi, sorry i'm new i dont know if this is the correct section to request help...

    Anyway yesterday i started my server with these options: and i installed only the Modpack: Technic Hexxit 1.0.10

    It worked fine for hours (without stopping), but today when i try to login it gives me the error: Connection Lost - Failed to login: Bad login

    Why? I tried to set again the options and starting again the server but same problem. Should i press again "Install" on Hexxit modpack everytime? (or it make me lose everything?)

    Please help me :(

    edit: I tried to install again the Hexxit and restart the server but nothing, same problem.

  • Sorry.. I'm new at minecraft, my friend made me install it 3 days ago and he wanted to show me how it works... I really liked it that's the reason why i played for hours yesterday with him. Anyway i know i'm not premium for now, but in the options i checked "Cracked" and yesterday worked fine until i stopped it.
    Why after stopping and restarting it i can't login again?

    Can someone help me please? Do you think my problem is related to the cracked option and buying it i would solve the problem?

  • Ok thanks man, i bought it today and it works, unluckly we have only one premium account so i can't play with my friend until he buy it too :(

    Anyway today i had a problem, i started the server, waited the queue but when it was finally "Starting" after 5-10 minutes it went again offline... Why?

    edit: It happened 2-3 times also during the Queue, it's due to the server status 95% full?

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