Hacker in my server!

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  • Okay, So let me start from the Beginning.

    I created a server for me and my cousins and their friends to play in. Me, being the eldest in the

    group and as the server owner I usually check the logs and just run commands through the console

    whenever I'm not in-game with them (trolling most of the time), When I noticed something odd.

    A player with the same username as mine joined the game and popped up in the logs, ofcourse

    It was kinda funny for me at first because I thought that it could probably just be one of my cousins

    trying to pull one on me. That is until this dude went to creative mode and gave himself a command block.

    I am the on Oped player in the server...

    So, I'm in a rush to join the server and while doing so, I kept kicking the other player using my account to

    prevent him from doing something that could be very damaging to the server and to all the builds my cousins

    worked hard on. And I didn't want to ban the guy, because if it is indeed my account he's using, then I would be banning

    myself from joining aswell...

    So long story short. After I got in the server, the other guy stopped joining the server using my account and

    rejoined using his "original" account, so after that I confronted him to which he denied but then I slapped him

    with hard cold evidence by stating his complete IP address which is visible on his "Janlei012" account

    and also to the "Zekkkkkk" (My account) that he used.

    Also.. prior to this incident, a day after he joined.

    I noticed that when I got in the server I have 1 and a half full stack of chest named "copy me"

    and we also noticed that when you start coming near to his base by atleast 100 - 200 blocks,

    players that aren't Oped cannot break / place anything, and it started expanding everytime we rejoin

    by 20 - 50 blocks more. So I already kinda knew there was something fishy about him, but I let it pass because

    my cousins invited him. But when he logged in using my account he really stepped on a line. And also he broke the server so we ended up creating a new world... Pain to all the builds we stayed all night for.. :((

    So after we banned him for life and before we started a new one I noticed this [main/WARN] and [server thread/WARN]

    at the logs which I didn't really pay much attention to until now because the new server is also having the same problems

    and we'd like to prevent future incidents like those from happening again.

    I tried looking for the "online-mode" to "true" at the server properties but I couldn't seem to find it.


  • Banning him will not protect your server... Because he can join using any nickname.

    Banning by ip may solve problem temporary. Because he can change ip...

    Yea, I tried doing that and he came back with a different IP using a VPN.

    I'm trying to figure out the problem "The server is running in OFFLINE/INSECURE Mode" I can't see the settings in server properties. Perhaps it has been moved?

  • If you have not minecraft account, set up login plugin

    if you don't want unwanted players joining, you can turn on whitelist... But it's recommended to use when online-mode ON

    Noted. do you have any ideas on how to turn online-mode ON?

  • Roman

    Closed the thread.