timeout exception has suddenly started appearing all of a sudden for only one player on a server

  • I have a group of players who have been playing on one server,, for over a year now. Although it has previously been working fine for all players, recently one of us has had issues every time they try to login to the server, being the timeout exception. I looked up potential fixes to the problem, but none of them make sense as the source of the issues given that all of the players live in the same house and connect on the same router.

    We deleted the playerdata to see if that was the issue, but unfortunately that didn't fix the issue. Luckily, using the DYN IP works to connect the player, but we are hoping that there is a way to completely fix the issue so that we don't have to use the workaround every time.

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue and/or what is causing the issue, please tell me. I just really want to get this fixed ASAP so all of the players can get onto the server with ease.

    Thank you!

  • Roman

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