fatally missing registry entries, 60 mod server

  • I don't know how to read the error logs. Can you help me? Get "fatally missing registry entries" in minecraft when I try and join. Removed all mods that caused instant crashes for both server and client, but don't know where to go from here. This is my latest launch log - https://mclo.gs/2MnRRxf

    If I just have to one by one remove and test each mod, I'll do it but I don't want to waste the time doing that for 60 mods, especially when Aternos has such an unfriendly way of adding and removing mods (Can't just upload a folder, have to find each one individually, adblock warning still shows even though i've disabled adblock so I have to wait 5 seconds to do anything.). If someone can tell me exactly what to remove that would be really helpful. Thanks :)

  • Roman

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