Server Networking Not Set Up? Please Help

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  • Everything works, however when I attempt to actually join the server, it gives this message in the logs:

    [01:32:53] [Server thread/WARN]: Player class_3222['Beeusaur'/319, l='ServerLevel[world]', x=34.50, y=64.00, z=-204.50] could not be synced because server networking isn't set up yet.
    71 [01:32:53] [Server thread/INFO]: Beeusaur joined the game
    72 [01:33:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Beeusaur lost connection: Disconnected
    73 [01:33:03] [Server thread/INFO]: Beeusaur left the game

    I cant figure out what this means. The only thing it says when this error occurs to the player is "Connection Lost". It lets me join, it starts loading, but then the error occurs. I've been searching for the past 2+ hours for information on the error and/or how to solve it but to no avail. The server itself works, the mods I have I made sure are accurate and work, along with any other factor i could think of such as being on the wrong version, having the proper mods installed, not having a mod and software work properly together, not having the correct versions for each part, my internet, the server being online, how many times its been turned on and off, and if there was possibly anything in the game files maybe causing it. But I solved the mod issues and everything loads correctly when starting it. I'm not sure what the issue is caused by or what I can do to solve it. I can't find any information on it. Can someone please help me?


    Mods: Origins

    Software used: Fabric

    Version: 1.17.1

    Server Error Message:

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