Server roll back resulted in loss of my villagers

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    When me me and my friends wanted a bit of chaos on my server i downloaded the world file of the server and kept it in my desktop so that i can roll back the server after we were done. So after we blew up and messed up the area pretty bad i restored the world with the downloaded world file. After the restoration was complete i started the server and to my horror all my librarian villagers and some of my fletchers from my newly built villager hall disappeared. Now i dont know why this happened, it could be an error on aternos' side or during the download or restoration process the world file got corrupted. The lost fletchers weren't a big deal but the librarians had prot 4 mending channeling and other good enchantments for sale .I know that data lost cant be recovered easily and that's ok i understand but can someone explain to me how and happened and also ensure it dosent happen to other players? That would be amazing thank you.

    Ps. i remember a similar incident occurred like last year when i rolled back the server and all my farm animals disappeared. i cant say if its related but its definitely worth looking into

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