Internal Exception: Connection Reset

  • Ok, English is not my language but I will try my best to describe anything.

    My friend and I played in our server for a long time. Recently, my friend has had a very wired error. Whenever he joins our server, he just fall out of the world, nothing in his inventory, the only thing he can see is the sky with some clouds. After like 7-12 seconds, the server will kick him out. The title was the error it showed. This is the view from the log

    Vanilla server log [#DrgMnOB] -

    I did reset the server but when he joins in, the error I told above will occur again, this will repeat infinitely. The strange thing is only my friend got this, but he can still play another server normally, I sometimes got this too, I just need to rejoin the server and it worked fine for me, some of other friends joined in and no one got this error. My friend searched a lot on Aternos forum, Youtube and Google, he reinstalled the Tlauncher (cracked), Minecraft, even the Java. He tried to install this "" because there was a thread did this. He has had this error for 5 days (it was fine before). Please help! we might quit Minecraft if this error still happen :( .

  • oh no. We downloaded our world from the old server (the falling server). We created another server and uploaded the our world. You know what? My friend still falling.

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