Getting timed out and disconnected

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  • Me and my friend have been having this issue for the past couple of months. One of us would get randomly disconnected whilst playing, and wouldn't be able to join back for at least 5-6 hours. The logs show nothing but "User lost connection: disconnected" or "User lost connection: timed out". I've tried to join other non-aternos servers such as hypixel and it seems to be working fine there. In the rare cases that we do log back in, it shows nothing but the void for either of us. The server is running on vanilla 1.18.1. (This only happens once a month and lasts for a day, then we can join the server again and play like usual

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  • Probably an issue related to your internet. Where are you located

  • I live in India, bangalore. My friend lives in mumbai. The timezone for our server is set in Calcutta. But i dont see how that could be an internet issue as we can join other servers just fine during this period

  • Do the other server refer to aternos servers?

  • Then the issue is probably related to the internet as the server are located in Central Europe and your internet route to the servers might be congested