My (original skyblock) server keeps regenerating chunks on restart

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  • I downloaded the original skyblock map to my pc and converted the world to 1.18.1 and uploaded the world to my aternos server. It works fine the first time playing but when starting the server few days later every chunk beyond render distance had been regenerated I decided to waste hours of my time and manually /fill those chunks with air after downloading the world first to my pc to only get dissapointed when that happened again after uploading the world to the server later and testing if that problem reoccurred when restarting the server.

    So, is there any fix to this problem or do I have to accept the fact that skyblock is not supported on aternos servers?

  • Before I manually deleted the terrain I actually moved the four region files around x: 0 y: 0 to a copy of the original map I downloaded. I dunno if that can affect it or not :/