Server crashing problems

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  • Ok, so I think this is relatively simple. I've recently added a ton more mods to my server, and I've had to remove two mods because it made the server crash. I was excited when the server started up, but it immediately crashed, saying 'a block in the world is causing problems'. I didn't change anything before I downloaded the mods, so it has to do something with the mods I newly downloaded. I am very confused, and it says the only way to solve this is by completely deleting the world or removing the block via MCEdit or similar, and a) I have no idea what the block is and b) I don't know what MCEdit is or how to use it. Can somebody please help...? I don't really feel like deleting all the mods I newly downloaded, because they ARE pretty cool and I want to keep them. Thank you!

    Here's the log:

  • 321nathango

    Changed the title of the thread from “My modded server keeps crashing, and it says a block in the world is causing problems.” to “Server crashing problems”.