Aternos Server Page

  • :aternos: Hi Aternos

    :aternos: I Wanted To Give A Suggestion For Your Servers

    :aternos: If You Could

    :aternos: 1: Put back the server website button

    :aternos: 2: add a server page

    :aternos: the server page would be just like the access thing, but you just give a like example: name

    :aternos: because not everyone knows how to use aternos, and some of my friends don't want to create an account just to start server

    :aternos: and on the server page will be a start button, players online, version, and debug info,

    :aternos: pls aternos i have been a loyal user and i would most appreciate if you make this

  • :aternos: 1: Put back the server website button

    Assuming you mean the server pages we USED to have, these were removed iirc because they were barely ever used. Additionally, share access will remain to be the only way for friends to start a server, use the search function as this has already often been answered

  • Hi

    So I Meant That, And i meant something else,

    the server page is not being used much, but you should still keep it there for the people who want to use it

    and i meant a aternos page for your server which would be more like a server website but it is auto made when you make the server, and you can use that page and people will be able to start the server from there

    (that is for people who don't have a website), the aternos server page will be a button like the system and files stuff you can add the server page in the middle or something, and you will have buttons to edit your server page, you can allow people to start see motd, spectate players on web (WHICH WOULD BE SO AWSOME), see players online and so much more. if you still don't get what i mean, i can send you an example

  • We know what you mean, but this can also be developed by the owner of the server if they know a bit of back-end. The pages were removed and i hardly doubt that the team wants to bring them back for this purpose. Additionally, a start button with such public exposure could easily lead to abuse.