I've problems starting my mohist server / Alguien que me ayude a solucionar un problema?xd

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  • Log/Registro: mclo.gs/LZFzo8F Idk how to fix some crashes, normally what I do is check the log and check if there's any incompatibility between some mods and remove or update the incompatible mod. But this time can't identify the problem. I know that probably one of the problems is that there are more than 75 mods installed on the server, but I managed to get a server like this working before, so... Idk. I need your help. / No sé cómo solucionar algunos bloqueos, normalmente lo que hago es revisar el registro y verificar si hay alguna incompatibilidad entre algunas modificaciones y eliminar o actualizar la modificación incompatible. Pero esta vez no puedo identificar el problema. Sé que probablemente uno de los problemas es que hay más de 75 mods instalados en el servidor, pero antes logré hacer funcionar un servidor como este, así que... no se. Necesito ayuda :'

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    Remove the mods or plugins one by one from your server.

    Every time you remove a mod/plugin from your server, you need to restart it, then check if the problem still occurs.

    If the problem doesn't occur anymore, know that it was probably due to the mod/plugin you last removed.

    Always be sure to have a backup of your server before changing anything. This video might help you: