Can't unban.

  • I was trying to get a pillager into a boat but It did that "Moved too quickly" thing with the boat's but there was another pillager going inside the boat so I couldn't go in the boat to stop the "Moved too quickly" with the boat and now there are two pillagers trying to kill me so I disconnected to try and save myself but I couldn't join back and the "Internal Exception:" thing happened so I banned myself because I'm dumb and thought banning and unbanning myself was connected to the boat "Moved too quickly" thing. And then a day later I realised I needed to put the numbers after and now, trying to unban myself doesn't work. When I try to unban myself and refresh the page it just puts my name in there again and when trying to pardon myself in the console it just says "Nothing changed". I even gave my friend op so he could pardon me, he tried banning me and pardoning me and it said it did something in console but when I tried to join it did nothing.

  • I am using Fabric. The version is 1.19. The plugins I use on the server are fabric API, Origins++, Origins, pehkui and plasmovoice. The server is cracked.

  • edit:removed link to logs

    I don't know if this will help since the incident happened yesterday and the server closed last night

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