Command Blocks Are Broken

  • Hey Aternos Fam :aternos:

    Im having a bit of trouble with command blocks working!

    im using Java edition, 1.16.3 (Optifine)

    my command blocks have been working for the entire time ive been using my server. yesterday, hackers raided aternos and blew some stuff up, added chests filled with more chests filled with diamond blocks, and more. now, My command blocks wont even work!!!

    I tried turning on/off commands in the aternos menu, and nothing happened as well.

    i made a full PVP lobby, with multiple minigames, and now when you go to TP to them, it doesn't even work!

    i do have a few plugins though... (paper/bukkit)

    clearlag, citizens, EssentialsX, and WorldEdit

    If anybody can help me, please do im rlly scared lmao ;(

    Thanks :D


    also server name is DuderGamerMC btw

  • Heyo! Thanks for the fast reply :3

    #1: No, cracked is not enabled

    #2: No, i dont need help removing any/all the items on the ground

    #3, Explanation: when i go to use a command block, it wont work. i use buttons, and when i press the button thats In front of the command block, it does nothing.

    here's an example

    command in block: /tp @p 385 395 395

    block type: Impulse

    Needs red-stone

    then, i place a wood plank in front of the block, and then a button. (note: THIS DOES WORK, IT DID BEFORE THEY STOPPED WORKING)

    then, when i press the button, nothing happens! :(

    again, thanks for the help :D

    Also, Heres the settings:

    Slots: 100


    Difficulty: Easy


    Cracked: False


    Command Blocks: True


    Animals: True


    Villagers: True


    Force Gamemode: False


    Gamemode: Adventure


    Whitelist: False


    PVP: True


    Fly: True


    Monsters: True


    Nether: True


    Spawn Protection: 0


    Resource pack URL: (no resource pack)





    Java 8

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  • Hey try removing the chests filled with more chests filled with diamond blocks because maybe its causing the command blocks to not work because theres too much Entities or try breaking the command blocks and placing them again and try if it works hope I helped


  • When you're using EssentialsX plugin, the command in the command block should be: /minecraft:tp @p 385 395 395. Normal command like above doesn't work because the plugin doesn't understand what is @p.

  • Alright, I just saw the problem now, and i think i know why ur command blocks aint working. This will only work if they got op on ur server. Try
    /gamerule commandBlocksEnabled true
    They might have disabled this gamerule when they hacked in ur server. Just to tell u as an FYI even if u enable command block output in aternos, if they gamerule has been set to false, it wont work.

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