Nether Freezing Players

  • Hello, i have a problem with my 1.16.3 server where it freezes players in the nether, any players who come in contact with chunk specific areas will freeze for 4-20 seconds but any other entities will not thus making the player vulnerable to mobs, i have thought it was a PC problem from our clients, so i tried the same world on singleplayer and ran a hardware test while in-game, no freezing, no nothing, i have even went to the same chunk specific areas where the most freezes occur and i didn't freeze, same with all my friends, but on the server we get frozen in these areas and we don't get affected by knockback or even when flying by an elytra we freeze midair, the entire screen freezes but the computer functions perfectly fine, then we thought its a ram problem, so i allocated 5 gb of ram to Minecraft from my computer, still freezing, same freezes, so i thought it could be overheating, i ran the fans on max power and still i froze like nothing had changed, this occurs to any and every players in specific chunks, however, the times do vary for each player but i think this is due to the fact that the freezes themselves aren't always the same amount of time, the server logs show nothing, and also the server is running fabric with lithium and fabric api and also a skin restoring mod and an anvilfix mod, but those def don't cause the problem as the same problem occurred when running vanilla and thats what made me switch to fabric lithium.

    can someone please help me?

    does anyone know a fix? its unbearable anymore, its getting worse and worse freezing players permanently sometimes so bad that they started asking me to /kill them from the console

    oh also this problem doesnt occur as much above the nether roof

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  • Well it's because your server is overloaded. You gotta optimize it or reduce plugins, fix plugins if they are having any error and are spamming your console because that means the error in running on a loop, thus degrading your server's performance.
    and don't use 1.16.3 its a laggy version use 1.16.4 instead and it will be better.

  • i think it could be caused by a software issue as it only occurs on the server and only this server, ill test the same server and all but a different world to see if the problem is really from the software or just a world corruption of some sort

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