Server online, but client says it's still loading. (TPS doesn't load)

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  • After adding mods to my boyfriend and I's server it's refusing to load properly. It doesn't crash or give any indication of what's causing this issue, instead it acts almost like it's working perfectly normally. Essentially, the server starts as normal, and after loading up says that it's online, however when you try to connect to it on the actual game it says the server is still starting up. After a while the server crashes, a minute or so before it closes itself because no one is on it. The crash doesn't create a crash report.

    The only acknowledgement that something is wrong is the infinitely loading "TPS" box below the server online status. Even though it says the server is online the "TPS" is just "Loading ..." with a buffering circle.

    Connecting to the Dynamic IP doesn't work. I don't know anything about logs, but I think this is a link to the server log:

  • Your server is just overloaded. Try removing mods

    I managed to get it up once, although the more mods I remove the longer it seems to take to load. However, the TPS is still getting stuck on "Loading ..." and I can't join it

    Edit: of course the very second I hit send on this reply it lets me into the game. This is still an odd issue though, as the TPS will be loading for a good few minutes before I can join

  • Oh my god now it's saying mismatched modlist even though I only removed mods from the server...

    It's literally just a small collection of 40~ (now quite a bit less than) building mods. How can there be this many issues 😭

  • After completely remaking the modlist, knocking it down to 20 (fairly light) mods, this is still an issue. The server takes twice as much time to load than it did with twice as many mods, and when it does the TPS will get stuck on "Loading ..." for a long while. I genuinely think there might be a bit more to this issue than the server being overloaded.

    I understand that Aternos is constantly being updated behind the scenes so it's entirely possible this is a new issue, but in years of using Aternos I've never seen this specific problem, no matter how many mods there have been. I've tried changing forge versions around, and going back to a previous version of the world before adding mods but for some reason this server is really struggling. I don't understand which mods could possibly be causing so many issues. We currently play on two different aternos servers together, and the other one is heavily modded, and trust me that one has had it's issues, but the non-stop struggles with this particular server is insane. I'm starting to think that there is just something inherently wrong deep within this server, like it's cursed to not work. Or like at some point somewhere one of the mods or something has leaked deep into odd folders, making the server unthinkably unstable.

    Obviously this time it closed itself before it managed to get up but here's one of the latest logs:

    The last time I managed to get the server up, the TPS was stuck loading and I couldn't join as it was still loading according to the client. It eventually said the server was online and the TPS was 20, but then it "Failed to synchronize registry data from server" so I couldn't join. (This is unrelated to the last time I had this same problem with the old modlist, which I fixed by enabling the macaw's fences mod on the client)

    The time before that the server restarted itself - not closed itself, restarted. Then it closed itself because it took too long to load.

    This is the most recent server log, when the server managed to actually get up:

    I don't know if it's useful at all to send logs from moments the server did and didn't manage to get up, but either way here they are.

    Here's also the latest client log: from trying to join the server.

    All the mods are the same and I've deleted the config folders from both the server and client, but maybe I missed something, or maybe it was sneakily removed by curseforge like last time.

    I really need help with discovering what's causing the weird infinite TPS loading issue, and why it's struggling so much with these mods. I've been working on trying to get mods working on this server for days.

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