Mismatched Modlist after only removing mods from the server.

  • After many, many issues with adding really simple building mods to my boyfriend's server, I've had to cut down on the 40~ mods that we added. However, after removing mods from the server it's now saying the modlist is unmatched. I'm fairly certain that the client should still be able to join with additional mods installed, as long as the mods the client has includes all the ones on the server, unless something has changed in most recent update. But even if something has changed I could join with additional mods before I removed any from the server.

    I am so confused about what to even try now. I guess I'll have to remove the mods from the client as well, but this doesn't make sense to me. What's the actual issue here? Why would I be able to join with additional mods on the client only for it to give this issue after removing mods from the server?

  • Roman

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