why did it automatically change the version to 1.17.1

  • so me and my friend's server was on 1.17 and now today my friend dm'ed me on discord saying it was on 1.17.1, which it had to have done automatically because nobody else has the access to change the version and I didn't. why did it change versions now I can't use optifine on it and we have to let everyone know it updated

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  • Basically when you created the server, the software was (1.17 ) like this

    The up arrow means it will update the server version to the latest Minecraft version

    To disable this just go to Software -> Vanilla -> Choose 1.17 (without the ) or Choose 1.17.1 (without the ) whatever you want. But don't select versions next of it if you don't want it auto update the Software.

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