Can't join modded server

  • I'm experiencing difficulties trying to play modded Minecraft with my cousin.

    We both downloaded forge as well as the mods the server has. All of which are the exact same. Yes, the server has forge and those mods are forge mods as well. Not to mention they depend on each other to run.

    The issue? Neither of us can join the server. (Incompatible FML modded server. Server mod list is not compatible.) I figured maybe there were some incompatible mods so I checked and found some unused ones as well as a duplicate in the server files. I deleted the duplicate and removed the unused mods in my mods folder.

    When we try to join it gives us an error message: "Incomplete set of tags from server. Please contact server operator." I've tried this several times. each time is the same thing. Incompatible server versions? Forge versions? Mod versions? NOPE! I have every required mod and the ones they depend on.

    I have no idea what the issue is but everything I throw at it turns out to be futile. Any help would be appreciated.

    List of mods: Create 1.16.5-0.3.2 and Flywheel 1.16-0.2.3

    (Side note: Flywheel 1.16-0.2.3 is in fact 1.16.5, I checked.)

    Each one is the latest version of each.

    Here is the log from my most recent attempt;

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