Mob Spawning/Farm not working no matter what i do

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  • Allright, so i made this basic hostile mob grinder in vanilla and spawn rates seem to be really low. I thought maybe the multiplayer is the issue, tried it when no one else was online, didn't work. First, I tried to afk 80 blocks up from the farm then I tried 50, then 24. I also lit up the surface and all caves around it. Because we were close to the world spawn i thought maybe the spawn chunks are the problem so i built the same farm far away, didn't work either. I tried building it in a singleplayer world and see if the farm design was the issue, and seems to be working perfectly fine. Also, I think the hostile mob spawn overall is low, almost none spawn in caves. World difficulty is hard. Non-hostile mobs looks to be spawning fine. Afaik, aternos doesn't change spawn rates so i really don't get what the issue is. Server version is 1.17.1

  • I don't have a mob farm but the issue isn't mobs aren't spawning it's specifically HOSTILE mobs aren't spawning, I can even place an item that increases spawn rates in the chunk and it spawns them over time. I've tried flying to different areas ive never been in too and playing completely alone.

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