Paper/Bukkit World Difficulty Issues & Plugin Data Bugs

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  • I have a server that is on easy mode for all dimensions (overworld, nether, end). My issue is that when I restart the server, the difficulty resets to peaceful and I have to set it back to easy every single time I restart the server. Another bug that's also happening in my server is that the some of the plugin data are being reset on some server restarts. For example, I have the EasyRanks plugin for my PaperMC server and sometimes when the server restarts, it resets all the ranks for every player. This is not a big issue for my server but my main problem is the difficulty bug. Basically, the overworld difficulty resets on server restart. If anyone knows a fix to this bug, please reply here.

    Edit 1: If this would help, the Aternos server IP/host is Additionally, the custom domain IP for the server is