Bedrock Server was Hacked

  • Hello. Today, I was streaming SMP with my viewers and while I was running on a bridge, the server was hacked. My inventory was cleared, thousands of entities were summoned on me, the lag kept getting worse and worse for a few seconds until I shut off the server. Before, I have had people come on who can seemingly give themselves items. The server is not cracked. This server was run through Aternos. After checking the logs, I couldn't see ANY of the commands which were used, or who used them. I could not therefore ban the person who did this. The server works off of a whitelist system. "Allowlist" in Aternos speak. Please tell me how I can prevent hackers like this in the future so I won't have this problem ever again. I can ban fly hackers and griefers on my own, but I can't deal with this kind of crap.

    Link to evidence of this here:

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    Hopefully I can get a response on this to help me fix this issue. And is there any way to roll this back?