[Repost] How do you change a BP's (Behavior Pack) settings in Aternos?

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  • I'm going to try downloading the mods and using the EXACT same settings that you used, same version and all. If I happen to find the problem I'll let you know.

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  • Nice, but in order to recreate the issue, make sure the True Backpacks mod is loaded AFTER the Thirst Bar mod. If you don't know how to order the mods in order of importance, read this (asked this myself lol). If you're too lazy to read it, you need to ensure true backpacks is SECOND on the packs list, and you also need to ensure that you ARE NOT USING THE REALMS BP VERSION!!!

  • Hah, my bad-- I just wanted to throw everything out there because of my tendency to overexplain everything. I swear I didn't mean it in a demeaning way!

  • Also here's what each thing looked like on my end (in case you don't have the inferior version of Minecraft):

    Also, read this reply from a page back so what I say doesn't fly over your head

    What I mean when I say that True Backpacks throws a Hissy Fit (True on bottom, Thirsty Bar on top):

    It says backpack_empty instead of backpack_true-- my bad for that mistake

    This is what happens when Backpacks are on top-- the Thirst Bar is nowhere to be seen!

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  • I hope this solves it:

    Are all the addons 1.1.2 or there are some other addons that are different versions as the others?

    (YES) If all the mods are 1.1.2 and the thirst bar is the only 1.0.2 maybe try installing the correct version of the thirst bar add-on or try putting something inside the backpack?

    (NO) I'm out of solutions and one of the official staff members will help you (Sorry if I barely helped ya...)

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  • Both addons work fine with 1.19.01. I've used them on their own before and I had no problems that I couldn't easily fix. It's just when I use these particular 2 together, each mod conflicts with the other because they both use the same UI space on the bottom (as the photos in my last reply indicate).

    There is an easy way to disable the UI for one of them (which would solve the problem altogether), but that requires me to go into the BP's settings and manually disable the UI element. This is a working solution in the Minecraft app (I showed how you would go about doing this in the actual Minecraft app in the original post desc), but I need to figure out how to do this exact thing in Aternos.

  • Maybe disabling the thirst bar add-on and tweak the settings

    That's the problem-- While I do know how to disable addons, I don't know how to tweak the settings for true backpacks! If I could do that, the problem would be solved and I wouldn't need to disclude addons!

  • How? Thirst Bar doesn't have custom settings like with True Backpacks. Plus, I don't know how to edit the settings regardless!

  • It's fine-- it might not be something Aternos can do right now anyway. If that turns out to be the case, I'll put in a suggestion for it later. Seriously, thanks for your help, and sorry for being kind of confusing throughout it all!