Addons with Custom GUI isn't working with Aternos. Any ideas to fix it?

  • Log data (don't think this would do any good to help the problem, but I keep forgetting to add it until now):

    Basically, I'm trying to play in a heavily modded bedrock One block SkyBlock world called "SkyFactory v6" with my friends. In this world, you normally spawn with 2 books (a WikiBook and a Quest Book), a staff, and a blue crystal ball thing that gives you elemental magic.

    Talkng a bit more about the books (the part that matters the most), they both have interactive GUI elements. The WikiBook has a comprehensive and organized description of what every custom block in the game does as well as a search function to find specific block descriptions. The Quest Book is a comprehensive guide that helps you progress through the game and even gives you blocks as a reward for completing each quest in the book. Both books are very helpful and without them, the game would basically be unplayable without referring to a Youtube guide every 2 seconds.

    However, if you start a server in Aternos with the McWorld imported (which to my knowledge is the only way to play it on a server), you are missing the WikiBook altogether and the quest book completely lost all of its UI elements, making it a shell of what it used to be. I've already tried importing the McWorld as a McWorld file, an unzipped folder, and the McWorld as zipped content. I made sure experiments were on, and I made sure that the McWorld was from the official source. Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be the problem?


    This is what the Quest Book should look like

    This is what the Quest book looks like in Aternos

    This is what the Wikibook and the inventory is supposed to look like

    This is what the starting inventory looks like in Aternos, completely missing the Wikibook

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    I downloaded the world and moved it into a plain new bedrock dedicated server running on my computer. So completely out of the Aternos context.

    I also didn't get the Wiki Book and also didn't get any Quest Book.

    So the world or its add-ons are either not made for / compatible with servers or it's just the usual "things just don't work" in Bedrock / Bedrock server.