New server crashed

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  • Hello! So, yesterday, I made a post asking why my server kept crashing, and I learned that it was unfixable from the internet, so I made a new one. This time, it crashed (again), but I think the reason is a lot simpler; one of my mods are causing problems. I already removed Better Portals and Applied Energistics 2 (Which was a shame, because I think both are cool mods) and it still crashed. It said "The mod applied energistics 2 has thrown an exception", but that's not too much of a problem right now. I've already spent three hours, and I really don't feel like deleting and redownloading each and every one of the 73 mods that I have installed. Can someone please help me???

    This is the log:

    ANY form of help is hugely appreciated. (Btw, my servers always crash, so this isn't anything new, but I always manage to get help from a website including Aternos Forums, as Aternos is where I make my servers on.) Thank you so much in advance!!!

    Also please hurry I'm desperate and my friends want to play, like, now